Abundant New Life Family Ministries



The Birthing of Abundant New Life Family Ministry

From Tragedy to Triumph

Melvin Carter suffered with heart disease for twenty five years, never once offered a heart transplant until Houston Cardiology Clinic questioned the ethics of certain California doctors.  Then a well-known HMO put him on the transplant list.  He waited in the hospital for nearly a year patiently hoping for a better heart than the one he had.  Finally the doctors came to his hospital room and told him that they have a "good" heart, but one year after the transplant, Melvin suffered a massive heart attack with the transplanted heart.  After the truth was revealed through an emergency room doctor that thought we were aware of the condition of the heart that Melvin was transplanted with informed the family that Melvin was not given a "good" heart but in fact he was transplanted with the heart of a person that had a twenty five year history of cocaine abuse, was positive for cocaine at the time of transplant, and the heart already had a blockage in the main artery at the time of transplant.

The doctors who transplanted this "horrible" heart into Melvin were all aware of this at the time of transplant but did it anyway and never revealed these facts to Melvin and his family.

Subsequently Melvin died in the arms of his wife, Janet Carter, 3 months after the massive heart attack.  Looking into the eyes of his wife as he laid on the floor of their bedroom he said "JJ, I can't live like this anymore".  Melvin and Janet had been married forty years. 

Two months after Melvin's death, January, 2013, the Lord lead Pastor Janet Carter to start a ministry and call it NEW LIFE MINISTRY.  New Life Ministry was originally located at the Del Amo Park Community Center in the city of Carson, California.  God moved New Life Ministry to the city of North Long Beach and gave the church a NEW name.  Abundant New Life Family Ministry located at 1810 E. Artesia Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90805.

From Tragedy to Triumph, God has done a great and marvelous thing through the tragic death of Melvin Carter at Abundant New Life Family Ministry where Pastor Janet Carter shepherds under the unction of the Holy Spirit.